About Us


With over 20 years of packaging experience, Bhargava poly packs, our parent company with a strong strength of women employees wanted to venture into a business with an aim to empower even more women. In 2015 to accomplish the objective Samridhi Packages was born.
In the last 5 years, Samridhi Packages has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of paper bags with its products and expertise spreading across the country.
We believe in manufacturing customised products for our customers and helping them with sustainable and economical paper bags. We follow a semi-automatic process to manufacture bags and each bag is handcrafted by a group of trained skilled women who have helped us grow in the last 5 years. They truly are our biggest strength and you can get to know them better if you read a note by them below.

Hello There,
We’re a group of 15-20 women skilled employees who run the operations at Samridhi Packages. As mentioned above we use a semi-automatic process to manufacture customised paper bags for our clients.

At Samridhi we have flexible working hours but we’ll be honest, we love doing our work and hence we try and not take an off frequently. Our business helps us in an independent earning for our family and ourselves. It keeps us motivated to manufacture good quality paper bags, increase our clients and have more women onboard to work with us.

Our Clients